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Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 7.46.48 AMOur goal is to educate people on proper cleaning methods, which cleaners to use and how to use them safely. Improper use of cleaners can be downright dangerous! It is important to know which to use, how to use them and which cleaners fit your cleaning and lifestyle habits. I am currently teaching cleaning seminars at local adult schools.

Another goal of CLEAN IT RIGHT is to educate people on which remodeling choices to make  when choosing countertops, tiles, flooring and appliances.  I do not take the place of an interior designer, but rather work along with them to make choices that fit your cleaning and lifestyle habits. I educate my clients on how hard or easy a particular choice they are making will be to maintain.  Will it fit into your lifestyle?
My services are time and money well spent to avoid very costly remodeling and cleaning mistakes.


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